Veterans Homes in Millington TN

Millington is a hidden gem for homebuyers in the Greater Memphis area. This small town of just over 10,000 residents contains the Naval Support Activity Mid-South base. Its strategic location has made the town a magnet for military families. At Five Star Real Estate Services, LLP, we offer military relocation in Millington TN and the surrounding area.

Buying a Home in Millington

One of the main reasons people buy in Millington is the strong real estate market. It has continued to achieve significant gains since 2016 and is projected to stay robust in the coming years.

Millington is close to Memphis so people can enjoy the feel of a small community without sacrificing the conveniences of a major metropolitan area. Additionally, between the Navy base and the transportation industry in Memphis, there are plenty of great professional opportunities.

Better yet, there are many great homes to choose from. The average listing price is around $130,000. Even with a smaller budget, it is easy to find an attractive and comfortable home in and around Millington. For example, finding a reasonably well-kept, single-floor home with three bedrooms is very possible at under $100,000.

At the other end of the scale, homes go up to around $600,000 in the town. For this price, it is easy to find a large, beautiful, single-family home with an attractive lawn. Many of the homes in the town feature brick and stone construction.

We provide military relocation in Millington TN. So, if you need help with finding the right home, even if you aren’t in the area yet, we are happy to help you however we can.

Paying for a Home in Millington

The home values in Millington are very affordable and offer a lot for your money. However, we know that many families want to find all the help they can get. VA loans in Millington TN can help make these homes even more affordable for military families.

When we help you find your ideal home, we can also provide useful guidance and resources to apply for and receive a VA loan. These are typically significantly more affordable than conventional mortgages and may require little down payment.

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